theaestheticanarchist said: So you admit it, Shaun! You're Babo!

godofaesthetics said: Zyzz is one of the reasons why i lift. I'm the smallest cunt in my group, but I always think back on how zyzz used to be small and as well an ecto. Which is why I will always push myself hard. That extra rep is always for zyzz.

dirtvpaws said: Damn, how cool is that! I think it's a shame he passed away, he seemed like a really funny and dedicated guy, and he was such an inspiration and motivation, even for me, and I'm a girl. He inspired me to change my lifestyle, and I thank him for that, even though I never got to do that in person

Fuark :’( Whoever drew this got Az down to a tee

Anonymous said: Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark

Anonymous said: Zyzz used to suck my dick :D

/or you’re just embarrassed to say that you sucked his dick every time you had a chance, you walking blowjob you.